Music by John F. Robbins
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I've been composing, performing and recording original music since the 1970s. My dominant instruments are 12-string guitar, Chapman Stick (TM), electric keyboards and various acoustic and digital percussion devices.  I composed and performed in 2 bands Vortex and Earthlings in 1980s and 1990s, but since 2000 I compose, perform and record mostly by myself in my home studio.

My musical styles vary.  Some pieces are acoustic and folk-like, some are all-electric and like new age, and some even are like fusion and rock.  Some tell stories or have themes about energy, our environment and politics.  Only a few pieces include lyrics sung by me - most are instrumentals.

Below are what I think are my 22 best recordings.  The pieces with lyrics are Earth News, Play The Game, Power In Vision, Sitting Here, We Can Change and What We Do.  Newest in this list are Affirmation (2015), All Hands In (2017), Count on Me (2014), Janus (2015), Play The Game (2018), Sitting Here (2016) and Summer Woods (2014).

To listen to my past 5 CDs visit my YouTube channel.  Or click any title below - these are what I consider my best recordings!


John F Robbins, CEM / CSDP 
3519 Moffett Rd
Morning View, KY USA


John F. Robbins is also at LinkedIn and Facebook