Affiliations, Awards and Certifications
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Association of Energy Engineers - AEE -

2012  Region III Renewable Energy Innovator Award for experience including superior efficiency in all renewable energy projects

2009  Region III Professional Development Award for developing & teaching new technical energy courses for engineers & contractors

2006  AEE Certified Sustainable Development Professional (CSDP)

2004  Environmental Engineer of the Year for design, operation & documention of performance of Robbins' solar-powered off-grid office since November 2001

1997 Environmental Project Award for design and documentation of a solar electric power installation in an outdoor wooded theater at YMCA Camp Kern in Oregonia, Ohio. In Nov 1998 Robbins received the 1998 Ohio Governors Award for Excellence and Energy Efficiency in the Education Category for this project

1994 Energy Engineer of the Year for design of a passive solar home in Loveland Ohio for a client suffering from sick building syndrome in her prior home. The new home was super-efficient, well daylit, very comfortable, relatively low-cost and a healthier place 

1990 Energy Project Award for residential design and energy engineering of a passive solar home in Cleves Ohio. This home was also featured in SOLAR TODAY magazine in Sep/Oct 1998, article by Burke Miller titled "Solar Living Under Cloudy Skies"

1990 AEE Certified Energy Manager (CEM)

SW Ohio Alternate Energy Association - AEA

Robbins was an AEA leader 1995-2005.  He discovered AEA in 1980 or 1981 in a radio promo for a solar home tour.  He attended the tour and immediately joined.  A Greater Cincinnati group, AEA members met, shared and talked mostly about what was being done by local alternative energy and efficiency "doers".  Many Robbins' early projects were featured on AEA tours.  He also presented many AEA meetings.  AEA was dissolved in 2019.

Sierra Club - Northern Kentucky Group

Since the early 2000s Robbins has been an 'outings leader,' hosting and leading others on nature-focused events like hikes and trail service.  In 2014 Robbins became 'Outings Chair' for Northern Kentucky Group.  In February 2021 he became 'Group Chair'.

John F Robbins, CEM / CSDP 
3519 Moffett Rd
Morning View, KY USA


John F. Robbins is also at LinkedIn and Facebook