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Passive High Performance Homes

Collecting Rainwater from a Roof

Controlling & Tolerating Humidity

Many Types of Solar

The Smart Energy Solution

Converting A Home Office To Solar

Robbins In the Media 

HOMEPOWER magazine, Issue #128, Dec 2008/Jan 2009, pg. 24 - in the 'Mailbox': "Act Locally".  My article about how carbon credits differ from actual CO2 reductions and about how electricity in batteries is real energy storage, unlike dollar credits for net-metered RE monthly surpluses fed back into utility grids.  "Fossil-fueled power plants have carbon emissions, but batteries do not." Available from

DANVILLE ADVOCATE MESSENGER Sept 28, 2008 Green Tips section, an article about daylighting, based on the reporter's notes from my presentation in Frankfort for Climate Action Network on 9/6/08

EYE ON THE EARTH radio talk show WKYW 1490 AM, Sep 11, 2008, 7:30-7:50am.  Interview about energy and emissions by host Stacy Brothwell after my presentation in Frankfort for Climate Action Network on 9/6/08

ENERGY DESIGN UPDATE magazine, Jan. 2007, pgs 14-15.  My letter to the editor titled "Not Their Job?" about choosing passive solar windows

ENERGY DESIGN UPDATE magazine, Nov. 2006, pgs 9-16.   Interviewed and quoted in "Choosing High-Solar-Gain Windows" article

SOLAR TODAY magazine, Sept/Oct 2005, pg 12.  My guest editorial "The Smart Energy Solution" (see above writings list to click and read)

HOMEPOWER magazine, Issue #102, Aug/Sep.2004, Letters/Mailbox section.  My article "Switched Outlets, Etc" is a discussion specifically about the various switches and other methods I used to defeat phantom and standby electric loads in my off-grid office conversion.  Available from

HOMEPOWER magazine, Issue #97, Oct/Nov.2003, pgs 88-95.  My article about how I converted my home office to solar electricity, titled "1 Part Solar, 5 Parts Load Reduction."  

DEERBORN REGISTER newspaper, pg. 1C, Feb. 7, 2002.  Article about one of my homes and clients in SE Indiana, written by Michele Stegman, titled "Solar house lets the sun do its job"

KENTUCKY POST newspaper, Nov. 15, 2001.  Article in which I was interviewed, written by Luke Saladin, titled "Recycling Still Tough Sell," about Greater Cincinnati recycling issues and opportunities

CINCINNATI.COM's Entertainment section, July 11, 2001.  Article by Sarah Knott about the future of alternate energies in Cincinnati, in which I was interviewed

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER newspaper, Tempo section, Feb. 17, 2001, pg. E-1  article written by Shauna Scott Rhone about one of my local solar homes, in which I was interviewed

CINCINNATI POST newspaper, Jan. 23, 2001.  Article titled "Energy-saving steps paying off," written by the POST staff, about local homes (most of my design) which have very low utility bills

DAYTON DAILY NEWS newspaper, Apr. 22, 1999, pg. 8 article about solar home design written by Dale Dempsey, titled "Architects warming up to passive solar designs.  I was interviewed and a photo of my passive solar addition was used

SOLAR TODAY magazine, Sept-Oct 1998 issue, pgs 31-34 article about one of my passive solar home designs, titled "Solar Living Under Cloudy Skies," written by Burke Miller

CINCINNATI POST newspaper, July 28.1998, pg. 1D article about energy efficient cars by Cindy Starr, titled "Thinking small on the road," in which I was interviewed and shown in a photograph standing next to my efficient small car

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER newspaper, Aug. 11, 1994, Extra/West edition, pg.1 article, written by Anna Guido Fairbanks, titled "Home gets energized," about an IMAGO home retrofit project, in which I was interviewed as project energy consultant

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER newspaper, Jan. 31, 1993, Real Estate section I, pg.I-1  article written by James Dulley in which I was interviewed, titled "Tristate displays energy awareness", about local energy efficient homes including one designed by me

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER newspaper, Oct. 27, 1992, Extra/West edition, pg.2 article written by Cindy Starr about my company, titled "Energy manager designs efficient homes"

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER newspaper, Feb. 16, 1992, Home section pg. H-1 article by Jeff McKinney, titled "Energy Cost Cutters," in which one of my clients and I were interviewed and several photos were included of one of my home designs

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER newspaper, Sept. 30, 1990, Home section, pg. H-1 article written by Jeff McKinney, titled "Airtight house conserves energy," in which I was interviewed about one on my client projects

CINCINNATI ENQUIRER newspaper, Jan. 19, 1986, Real Estate section pg. H-1 article, written by Mike Boyer, about solar and energy efficient local homes, including an interview with me 

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