John  F. Robbins  -  energy-focused design, analysis, consulting and education since 1983
   Need help figuring out how best to reduce energy usage in a home, apartment or small business?
   Looking for consulting, drawings or specs for a new or remodeled home, addition or small building?
   Seeking continuing education or training to improve your understanding of energy, how to use less or how to convert to solar?

I have assisted customers in 14 states (mostly home and small business owners in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana) with design, energy and other technical issues as well as natural concepts like design for Passive Solar and Natural Ventilation and human potentials like changing behaviors and operations to improve energy performance.  If you want help finetuning or achieving your energy goals, I can provide that as well as CAD construction drawings and specs for new and remodeled homes or small buildings.  I also have much experience diagnosing problems and improving energy performance in existing homes and small buildings.

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John F Robbins CEM
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