JOHN  F. ROBBINS  -  Energy Consulting, Passive Solar Home Design, Energy Instruction

Are you a home or small business owner wanting to lower energy use while remodelling, adding an addition or building a new home or small building?

Do you need consulting, drawings or specifications for a new or remodeled home, an addition or small building ?

Since 1983 Robbins has guided and assisted customers with a wide variety of projects, mostly in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana.  Much of that work included improving energy performance, including natural design concepts like Passive Solar and Natural Ventilation.   

Robbins works with owners as well as designers, engineers, contractors and developers.  Especially if your project has stong energy goals, Robbins has much experience helping to select and achieve energy goals or to track and measure energy usage whether in homes or small businesses.

If looking for energy-related continuing education, Robbins develops and teaches it.  Learn more by selecting "Energy Courses & Presentations" below.  

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John F Robbins  CEM / CSDP
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